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The tool “Canpar Tracking” allows its users to trace their parcels easily and uniquely. The tracking number is the main source that we need in the whole tracking system. Also, users can track multiple packages by putting the specific number in the tracker tool. After putting that number, they can easily access the location and other relative information of their parcels.

Apart from this!

Have you ever faced problems knowing how your shipment is doing? Maybe, you check multiple sites to track your packages. But, Canpar Tracking provides great services for tracking its customers. Also, users can check other resources that can make their tracking easier. Moreover, users can keep tracking their parcels until delivery.


Well, you’re on the exact site to know that “Where is your shipment?”So, if you want to know more about its services, tracking number, tracking method, and other information then keep reading.

Canpar Tracking:

Like other courier delivery companies, Canpar Tracking is also a company that was organized by TFIInternational in 2002. It was founded in 1976 and provided its services by public road to ten provinces of Canada. But today, there are more than 1700 members that are working hard for the customer’s satisfaction. After that great hard work, canpar Canada became a leading courier delivery service provider in Canada.


No doubt, there are many franchises of that company in the whole world but its main headquarter is located at 201west Creek Blvd Ste 102, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and more than 260 employees are working continuously to serve good services to its customers. Also, canpar ground tracking provides a very fast courier delivery service that brings your package from merchant to door.

Moreover, Canpar Tracking provides many benefits to its customers when they hire its services multiple times. Also, they can get various discounts on shipment charges. Canpar provides its delivery services in various locations worldwide in which Germany, China, Pakistan, the USA, London, And many other countries are included. Also, it provides a multi-language that can help you to deal with the employees easily.

Best Services & Features:

All of us know about the importance of the features that are placed in any tool because these are the main reasons for the attraction of users. Here, we’re going to explain all of its features with an explanation that can help you to create an easy way for tracking packages. So, read it carefully and use these services in tracking

Canpar App:

The company provides an application for all android and IOS devices to maintain their parcel delivery service. Also, users can keep a record of their shipments, packages, parcels, and other couriers. With the help of that, they can keep peace in mind because of Auto-tracking.


With the help of that feature, users can easily trace their packages, shipments, or other parcels when they want by using the tracking method.


Canpar Tracking is very punctual, that’s why it is a great success in the whole world. So, it will pick the parcel exactly the time from the destination that you label on the receipts of order.

Location Finder:

With the help of GPS, users can access the reallocation of their canpar shipping at any time they want. Also, they can check the time that is required for delivery.


Users can set the option of the notifications that will make their tracking system automatically. Just select the option and after that, all the movements with your shipment will inform you through notifications. Also, CanparTracking will send you a notification of the delivery time.


The company supports calls and emails at any time. So, if you face any problem with tracking or other activities then contact the company.

Estimated Delivery Time:

It depends on the customer: If they want to set the delivery time of his parcel then they can display an estimate of delivery time. After that, the company will deliver your parcel exactly on time at your door. Maybe charges of that service have some changes.

Handling Time:

A quite valuable feature in the whole courier delivery service. If the user will not take that service of canpar Canada tracking then the parcel will not deliver on time and it takes much time.

Requirements of Signature:

Companies provide that feature for the safety of the parcel and also they keep it as a record that customers can check anytime. When a parcel is delivered to the door then the signature of the receiver is compulsory. Also, it will require your ID number or other security options. So, complete these options and get your parcel.


There are very cheap charges of canpar courier delivery companies as compared to other delivery companies. It depends on the weight of the parcels and also, multiple track packages in Canada have various delivery charges. Also, if you’re a regular customer of that courier delivery company then you can get a discount on shipment charges.

Online Shopping:

No doubt, Online shopping is quite a useful activity in our daily life. In that task, All courier delivery companies play an important role in the satisfaction of the customers. Likewise, Canpar Tracking is always working hard to deliver your favorite product from the merchant to your door with very cheap charges. So, Online shopping became very easy for all of us with that courier delivery company.

Domestic Services:

The company provides its domestic services very fast in various locations in Canada. Users can get their products at their door in a very short time. Just hire the service and put the delivery location for receiving your parcels.

International services:

As we mentioned above, companies provide international courier delivery services in which many countries of the world are included. Also, customers can hire delivery services online through their android devices. Just download the app or sign in to the account of that courier delivery company.

Multiple Languages:

As we know, people use various courier companies from all over the world and every country has a different language. So, to solve that problem, canpar transport tracking supports more than sixteen languages that stand in international languages. In these languages, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and many other countries are included. So, users can easily manage their tracking and delivery services.

Temperature maintenance:

Many products require a specific temperature for example medicines, food, and many others things. So, the company has generated some special containers and vehicles to deliver these types of products in these veins. Drivers can maintain the temperature as they want.

Some more Features:

  1. Fast and secure speed.
  2. Reliable tracking method.
  3. Multiple tracking.
  4. Security management.
  5. Reasonable delivery charges.
  6. No spamming.
  7. Delivery at door.

Tracking Number:

With the help of that number, Users can easily access everything about their package in just seconds. While without that number, they can’t do anything in the tracking system. The company will provide you that tracking number after the hiring of the delivery service. Confirm that tracking number again during the booking of the parcel and keep it safe in your mind.

There are different Canpar Tracking numbers for each parcel and it starts with a letter and goes with 11 or 21 Numeric digits. Each parcel has various numerical digits to trace and if you put any wrong number in the tracker tool then tracking will be impossible. Also, users can get that code from the receipts which they received from the company or if you hired that courier delivery company online then you can check your email.

Tracking Procedure For Canpar Tracking:

Well, two tracking methods are mostly used in the whole world and both are straightforward. Moreover, beginners who are tracking their parcels for the first time can easily maintain their tracking because of the instructions that are given below in the list. Now, read all the instructions carefully to make sure a successful tracking for any parcel.

Method 1:

  • First of all, open Google and enter any tracker tool of Canpar delivery services.
  • After that, a tool will open with the box that requires the tracking number.
  • Put your tracking number in that box correctly.
  • Check the number again to ensure.
  • After that process, Press the button “Track” with the search icon.
  • It will take some seconds and then, everything related to your parcel will appear on the screen.

Method 2:

Use that method for the tracking of multiple packages.

  • Again open a tracker tool of canpar courier delivery company.
  • Here, you need to put the CSV Upload or shipment tracking API.
  • After that, press the button “Track”, present below the tracker tool.
  • After a few seconds, you can get all the information about your parcel.

keep in mind! Without the tracking number, users can’t trace the locations and other information of their parcels. In multiple courier tracking, you will get the location of the container or vehicle in which your parcels are placed. With that tracking method, users can access the reallocation, delivery time, parcel situation, and many other pieces of information.

Tracking Problems:

Sometimes, the tracker tool of Canpar Tracking didn’t work because of the server problem. But it happens sometimes. Moreover, companies always update their tools with new features and resources to produce easy tracking. That’s why the server shows difficulties in tracking.

On the other hand, if the user will put the wrong tracking number then he can not complete his tracking. Because the tracking number connects with the GPS that completes your process after putting the correct tracking number.


How to track a parcel in canpar tracking?

Ans: Well, the tracking method given above is the easiest way of tracking. But simply, Use the tracking number in the tracker tool and then you can access the information of your parcel after pressing the button.

What happens if I can’t receive my parcel?

Ans: Email and contact info are given on any website of the canpar courier delivery company. So, if you didn’t receive your parcel on time then contact the company and the employees will guide you further procedure.

What about the updates of the tracking method in canpar?

Ans: During the updates process, users can not trace their parcels because of the server’s progress. But after updates, users can find the easiest way of tracking.

Does Canpar deliver parcels at the door?

Ans: It depends on the customers, if they want their parcels at their door then they should inform the company during the booking time with the door’s location. Otherwise, they can collect their parcels from the nearest branch of that courier company.


Almost all the important information about the Canpar Tracking delivery company is given above with all explanations that might help you with various tasks about tracking and hiring delivery services. Also, the tracking method with its tracker tool is explained above for unique tracking.

A point that also arises ultimately is that with the help of that courier delivery company the e-commerce business in Canada grows automatically. Because people order various products online and then various stores hire canper delivery service for shipments.

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